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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Michael Breed Demonstrates Some of My Basics

I love it when one of the big name instructors -- in this case, Michael Breed -- recommends swinging the way I teach!

On Monday night's Golf Fix Michael showed a drill that he calls "Wide to Narrow." Fortunately, there's a clip showing the drill on GC's website. Here it is:

In this clip Michael demonstrates several of the things I frequently talk about here on the blog and in my books, like connection, the one-piece takeaway, delayed wrist set, and delayed wrist cock. This drill is a good way to teach you how wrist cock gets "held" until late in the swing.

Here's a tip that Michael doesn't give you: That "flicking motion" he mentions is largely caused by your trailing elbow. Note that, if you make a one-piece takeaway on the way back, your trailing elbow is straight -- that's the wide part of the drill. Then you start your downswing by bending your trailing elbow so it's close to your side -- that's the narrow part. If your lead elbow stays straight and your trailing elbow bends, it will cause your wrists to cock. If you keep your grip too tight, you'll interfere with that cocking action.

For most of you it's going to feel weird. That's because you're doing the incorrect "narrow to wide" move he talks about. (That's called casting, btw.) You may find that you have to make a slower change of direction in order to keep this "flicking" under control. That's why many pros appear to have a pause in their swing.

Have fun with it!

On the outside chance you can't see the video above, here's a link to the page at GC's website where it's posted.

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