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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My 5 Masters Picks

Well, it's time for me to make another futile attempt to pick major winners... although I must say that I did pretty well at last year's Masters, having picked both Bubba and Louis, the winner and the runner-up.

Let's face it, I'm unlikely to get that lucky this year!

This year's field has me stumped. It looks pretty wide open to me and I have no idea how to begin to thin out the prospects. Therefore, for the first time, I'm picking (all three in the same tournament):
  • Tiger Woods
  • Phil Mickelson
  • Rory McIlroy
The reasons are pretty simple. Tiger has 3 wins already -- and yes, I know that hasn't bode well for his Masters hopes in the past, but I think he's on a mission this year. Phil has 1 win and when you consider how he can "turn it on" at Augusta, I feel he's going to do well. (With his notorious Phrankenwood in the bag, how can he miss?) And Rory seems to have gotten his swing back on track, plus he's the only one of the three with several weeks of play leading into this major.

Yeah, I know. Sellout picks, every one of 'em. They're on everybody's short list, but I think they really deserve it this time.

But my last two picks...? Those aren't so clear to me. For my fourth pick I'm choosing:
  • Graeme McDowell
Graeme's been playing really well this year, with 3 Top5s and a T9 in his first 6 events. I know he's a bit of a low ball hitter -- supposedly the kiss of death at Augusta -- but that didn't stop Arnold Palmer or Zach Johnson from winning. He's 4th in Driving Accuracy, 12th in Strokes Gained Putting, and 9th in Scoring Average.

And traditionally, my last choice is a dark horse, a longshot nobody expects to do well. So I'm picking:
  • Freddie Jacobson
He's played pretty well this year, but the Junkman is NEVER a factor at Augusta. I'm picking this to be his year. And why not? After all, it's a wide open field.

Besides, if all else fails I can always fall back on the glory days of my picks at the 2012 Masters. "You know, young whipper-snapper, I remember back in the good old days..." Ah, memories...


  1. Hey Mike---RJ3 (richie) has some intersting observations on masters picks here


  2. That IS an interesting take, Bobby. I think he's eliminating too many players though. I understand why he's doing so -- he's based his recommendations on the standard thinking about how to play Augusta National -- but despite my picks, I won't be surprised if somebody wins who doesn't fit the mold. For example, I think Russell Henley might surprise some folks.