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Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Book Announcements

I finally have some new books to talk about. One is the new long-delayed Quick Guide -- I'll get to that one in a minute -- but I've got a non-golf book out as well.

Many of you know I have a poetry blog called Will Shakespeare for Hire, which I write as -- tah dah! Will Shakespeare. While I occasionally do serious poetry, the vast amount of it is, shall we say, off the wall. (Even more so than the Limerick Summaries I do each week or the odd song parody on this blog.) I do Will's blog purely for fun... but he's been writing a lot of stuff!

The Murder at Muffet's Place
As a result, Will now has a book out. It's called The Murder at Muffet's Place and Other Poetic Parodies. Although it's a collection of some of my favorite funny stuff from Will's blog, a lot of it is completely new material -- somewhere between a quarter and a third of the book, in fact. I'm quite proud of it, actually.

At any rate, the ebook is already available on Kindle and Nook and I expect to have the paperback available sometime next week. (It takes time to get my proof copy via snail mail.) The Smashwords version -- they do the Apple and Kobo versions -- is in the works, but it's hard to give hard and fast times on when it will be available. The ebooks are $4.99 and the paperback will be $9.99.

The golf book should be out sometime in the next three or four weeks. It's been a real pain to write because I've had to rewrite it several times. Why, you ask? Because the focus of the book kept changing. Originally I had planned to focus on connection in the golf swing... but if I did that, I was really writing about how to control your plane. So I rewrote it about swing planes... but when I did that, I had to go into detail about legwork and footwork.  And after I rewrote it to include that...

Well, each Quick Guide focuses on only one idea, which is why I think they've been so popular. That singular focus makes them easy to understand and start getting results quickly. Once I added all those components, what was the focus? It took months of trying different things to figure it out.

The new Quick Guide is simply called HIT IT HARD, and it teaches you how to do just that. You may ask -- quite rightly -- what makes this book different from More Golf Swing Speed. MGSS is about getting more distance without swinging harder. The new book is for when you need to muscle the ball out of a tough lie or want to use the techniques from MGSS to hit the ball as far as you possibly can.

And it does that through a series of drills that build on each other, one motion at a time, to teach you how to swing as hard as possible without losing control. It teaches you how to control your swing plane, improve your balance, and swing hard without tensing up.

I'll do a post about it when it's finally available. Like I said, it should be ready in the next three or four weeks.

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