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Friday, April 5, 2013

So Yeon Ryu's Footwork

While I was watching the Kraft Nabisco yesterday, I saw a slo-mo close-up of Jane Park's leg- and footwork that I thought was really instructive. However, I couldn't find anything similar on YouTube.

But a little searching turned up this video of So Yeon Ryu, who's currently at +1 along with most of the other folks we expected to be near the top of the leaderboard. This is short -- a regular speed swing followed by a slo-mo -- and extremely clear.

I don't need a lot of words to explain what's happening here. Here's what I want you to do, and you'll learn almost everything I could tell you in one post.

All I want you to do run the video a few times. Each time you do, position your mouse cursor over one of the following areas:
  • her trailing knee
  • her trailing hip
  • the lower left corner of that big sign behind her
Granted, this is a driver swing... but bear in mind that a driver swing has MORE motion than an iron swing. This is the most she moves during a normal swing.

I want you to see (1) how long her trailing side stays stationary and (2) how little "targetward" movement there is in her swing. If you're having trouble making good contact with the ball, check your leg- and footwork. I bet you're moving way too much.

If you want a drill to practice that doesn't use a club -- so you can practice it even when you don't have a place to swing a club -- try the Body Movin' drill. And here's a recent post with a couple of other drills you can use, with or without clubs, that can help you calm down your excess body motion.

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