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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Masters Broadcast Info

Ok, here's how both the online and TV times for the Masters work out for today.

ESPN has the tournament proper, and will broadcast from 3PM-7:30pm ET today. (I believe they're going to run a rebroadcast at 8pm tonight. That's what they did last year.)

BUT that's not all. ESPN said on Wednesday that they would be doing live updates all day -- I suppose as part of SportsCenter, which airs for several hours each day. Likewise, GC said they'll be doing some updates during Morning Drive from 6am-8am ET, then Live From runs from 8am-3pm ET.

But that's STILL not all. will also be doing some broadcasts during the day starting at 10:45am ET. You can get the complete listing at the schedule page there; they're going to do 5 different broadcasts, starting at different times and overlapping. (For example, you can watch the Amen Corner live broadcast from 10:45am-6pm ET.)

Hopefully it'll be enough to satisfy your lust for Augusta National.

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