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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Butch on Divots

I haven't posted any instruction from Butch Harmon for a while, so I thought it was time to remedy that oversight.

This video (and the article link later in this post) were both posted at the Golf Digest site in April -- just last month! Between the two of them, Butch provides a couple of tips to help you if you've been hitting your irons a bit thin. First, the video:

That's a simple drill -- set up so you have to hit down on the ball if you expect it to do more than trickle across the ground.

The article, titled Fix The No. 1 Iron Fault, is basically a posture check. It's a move I often mention when I write about lower body movement. This pair of photos from the article demonstrates both the correct (left photo) and incorrect (right photo) ways to start down:

Butch demonstrating right and wrong lower body movement

Note that, in the correct move, your trailing knee remains flexed. Straightening your trailing knee causes you to hit the ball thin.

Between these two tips from Butch, one of them is bound to help you make more solid contact with the ball.

And in case you can't run the embedded video, here's the url for the original at Golf Digest.

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