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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fred Couples Swinging... 'Nuff Said

Fred Couples got inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame Monday night and his swing is a huge part of the reason why. This video was made just a few months ago -- December 2012 -- with a little commentary by Curt Byrum.

The video is self-explanatory. Do I really need to say anything else? Really?

I will add one thing to Curt's breakdown of the swing. Please note that part of the reason Freddie still gets such a long swing is because he has a flying right (trailing) elbow at the top of his backswing. Jack Nicklaus had the same move. I'm sure you've heard that this is a bad thing... and it can be. The trick to making it work is having great rhythm. You can't afford to rush the change of direction if you want a flying elbow to behave properly.

Of course, Freddie has no problems with rhythm or tempo. Just watch and appreciate the swing of the newest member of the Hall of Fame.

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