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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Golfing Fashion: Performance vs. Style

(I get requests to use guest posts every now and then, and some of them don't exactly fit the mold of a typical Ruthless Golf post. Golf fashion articles typically come under that heading. But many golf courses are getting picky about how golfers dress, and this one -- written by freelance writer Adam Mace -- looks at some of the new options that are available. The Wall Street Journal link gives a good overview of the new directions in golf wear, while the Galvin Green link shows some some of the new shirts that are stylish without being garish.)

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted the changing attitudes towards on-course attire when it comes to the average golfer. While many pros (though certainly not all) might be decked out head to toe in branded gear, most of us would prefer something a little more understated. Not least because this means we don’t have to visit the locker rooms before getting stuck in. Of course, there will always be a contingent that loves the garish on-course only look, but a neo-classic and easy going style means that you won’t be afraid to step off the course in the same clothes.

The only problem of course, is that a lot of the loud sports attire that you’ll see the pros wearing has high performance in mind. This means it’s designed to keep you dry and at the optimum temperature; because let’s face it, who wants to be too hot, too cold, or damp from the rain or your own sweat? A lot of vintage-style polo shirts and pants might give you that really classy, easy going look, but they’re not always the most advanced items of clothing that you can buy.

Galvin Green golf shirtFortunately, a lot of clothing companies have now taken note of the new style, and are trying to incorporate their design and technology into clothes that are more understated, feature minimum branding, and ultimately get the job done while you look great doing it. Galvin Green golf shirts are one such example; they’ve always had a focus on functional clothing, but they now offer toned down polo shirts that wouldn’t look out of place on Arnold Palmer sixty years ago. These feature alongside their more intense sports clothes.

If you want to look good and feel good both on and off the course, then stick with something that has modern construction and retro styling. We all want to look like the legendary players of times gone by, and now we can do, without sacrificing comfort. The best thing is that this kind of look walks right out into society without looking out of place. Boutiques are going to be a better bet than your average golfing superstore if you’re looking to buy. Not only will they have a selection of more exclusive brands, but you can be sure that you’re going to get something that fits really nicely.

The key thing to take away is that you don’t have to choose between a modern techy look and old school style. An outfit that performs well on the course, and doesn’t look out of place in the bar after a round, is entirely possible. You can look like your heroes and be comfortable; you just have to know where to look. 

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