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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hit DOWN on Your Driver?

I found this cool little Golf Digest video from Sean Foley that will sound really odd to many of you. Seems Sean wants you to hit down with your driver while most teachers want you to swing up. Why does he say that? Take a look:

This video may help you understand why teachers often seem to give conflicting instruction. Although Foley says you're hitting down, what he means is that your hands stay ahead of the club head through impact off a tee just like they do when you're hitting a shot off the ground. You aren't really hitting down so much as making sure you don't flip your hands at impact. Swinging this way will help you finish your turn through the ball.

What Sean doesn't say -- but you need to know -- is that this technique works with the ball teed up farther forward in your stance than he's teaching in this video. Use the position he teaches here to get used to hitting solid controlled drives. (It's also good for use in the wind.) Then, once you feel comfortable hitting this shot, start inching the tee forward. Using this technique, you'll automatically start hitting upward on the ball without changing your swing; the ball position will take care of the upward angle for you.

This is a good way to learn how to hit solid drives since it doesn't require any change from your regular swing to get good results.

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