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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Inbee In Front Again

Here is the story of Inbee Park's year in a single photo:

Park with caddy

She's got another putt for birdie. She isn't making them all, despite how players like Stacy Lewis -- who had a ringside seat on Friday -- may feel:
" … It's frustrating because she is not exactly knocking the flags down. She is making putts off the edge of the green, ones that you wouldn't expect her to make. It's definitely frustrating for us watching."
You need to understand what isn't being said here, folks. It's true that Inbee isn't knocking them close and it's true that she's making some birdies that no one expects her to make. But that's not the whole story.

What isn't being said is that she's giving herself more chances at makeable birdie putts than the other players. If you watched any of Friday's broadcast, you heard the commentators say that most of her putts are pretty straight. The fact is that Inbee is missing her shots in the correct places, leaving putts that may be long but that don't have to deal with lots of level changes or break.

The tournament isn't over by a long shot. I.K. Kim is only a couple of shots back and she seems to be firing on all cylinders this week. But there are only 4 players within 5 shots of Inbee. (Granted, the second round hasn't been finished at the time I'm writing this, but it doesn't look likely that anyone else will close that gap.) And the weather looks to worsen over the weekend. If the USGA toughens the course as usual -- and if Inbee doesn't stumble, of course -- there won't be a lot of players with a chance to win come Sunday afternoon.

Today's round could be VERY interesting for Inbee Park, I.K. Kim, Lizette Salas, and Jodi Ewart Shadoff. I sure plan to watch!

So here's your reminder: NBC picks up the coverage of the US Women's Open today. The LPGA website lists it at 3pm ET while GC says it will begin at 2:30pm ET. I guess that means a pregame show.

The photo and quote came from this USAToday article. In addition, you can get even more details from this ESPN post.

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