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Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Clothing Sale at Function18

As you all know, I don't do a lot of posts about sales -- even if they're my own books. (I tend to announce titles when they're released and I figure you guys can see the cover images in the sidebar.) That's because I hate being pestered by salespeople as much as you do.

However, on occasion I get info about a sale that I think you readers might want to know about, especially when it won't be going for long and it's one of those "first come, first serve" things. That's the case with this sale from Function18. They're an online golf retailer in the UK, so some of you might not be interested... but I've been wrong before. ;-)

They sent me a press release about the sale -- the clothing is up to 50% off, which is the main reason I decided to post about it. (Waterproofs can get expensive, and apparently there are a number of them included in this sale.) For those of you who are interested, that can add up. In addition, I contacted them for some specific extra information and they were kind enough to provide it. As a result, I'm posting the main part of the press release, followed by the extra info they sent me.

First, the release:
Online golf clothing store Function 18 has today announced the launch of their anticipated summer sale.

With up to 50% off everything from golf clothes, shoes & accessories, Function 18's sale is not to be missed for golf enthusiasts.

Ideal for topping off that professional playing look without having to break the bank, Function18 have big discounts on top golfing brands including Oscar Jacobson, Nike Golf, Puma Golf, Adidas and Galvin Green. The sale features the very latest designs from these brands, which are sure to make sure you always look the part – both on and off the course.

The sale also now includes a range of waterproofs, perfect for being prepared in unpredictable UK weather. With so many waterproofs to choose from including jackets, trousers and shirts with waterproof properties, you can say goodbye to having to call off a game just because of a spot of rain.

With so many famous golf brands and high street brands to choose from, the Function 18 sale is the perfect place to get your hands on your favourite brands – and take advantage of discounted prices too - visit
That left me with several questions, so here's the extra info they provided:
  • The sale started on the 1st July and will end when all stock has been sold (estimated around 1 month).
  • There is free delivery on all UK Orders.
  • Shipping to Ireland is available at a flat rate of £5.95.
  • Shipping to all other countries within the European Union is available at a cost of £9.95 and will take approximately 3 working days.
  • Shipping to the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and all other countries outside of the European Union is available at a cost of £14.95. The shipping time to these countries is 5 working days but this can be extended due to delays in customs. (For my American friends, that's $22.28 at the current rate of exchange.)
In addition, I've been told that IJP has the widest selection of clothing in this sale. That's Ian Poulter's company, in case you don't know, so if you really like Ian's designs you might want to take a good look at what's available. And yes, you can search the sales by designer, as well as sizes and color. (The price search probably won't help much, as it just gives you items above or below £100.) You'll have to hunt for the waterproofs, though.

So if you're looking for some new golf clothes, it might be worth taking a look even if you live outside the EU. If you find a few items you like, that $22 shipping fee isn't out of line -- even compared with some of the American retailers I've seen.

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