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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HIT IT HARD Is Finally Out!

Well, it seems like it's taken forever but the new Quick Guide is finally finished!

HIT IT HARD coverIt's called HIT IT HARD and it took so long because... well, it teaches you how to do something that a lot of instructors say can't be done.

I'm sure you've heard instructors on TV say something like this: "We like to teach kids to hit it as hard as they can when they start, and we can straighten them out later. If they don't learn to hit it hard first, it's too hard to teach them later."

That's just crazy talk. If you can teach them to hit it straight AFTER they learn to hit it hard, you can teach them to hit it hard AFTER they learn to hit it straight. And that's what this book teaches you to do -- hit it as hard as you want without losing control or the ball!

So why did the book take me so long to write? Because there are several components to hitting it hard. This book was originally going to be three different books! And when I realized they could all be combined to teach you how to hit the ball as hard as you want, it took me a while to figure out the clearest way to do it. You see, the problem for most people is TENSION, and I needed to find a way to teach a full-out swing while simultaneously teaching you how to eliminate the tension.

HIT IT HARD is a series of drills that begins with simple rotational exercises (without a club) and gradually builds, one swing element at a time, until you are swinging the club as hard as you want. Scattered throughout the book -- as in my other Quick Guides -- are detailed explanations of the mechanics of each move (yes, with diagrams).

As you can see from the cover, the drills focus on skills that you need no matter how hard you swing; it's just that doing those skills properly becomes crucial when you swing hard. The drills teach you the following basics:
  • maintaining proper posture
  • what proper lower body movement looks like
  • synching upper and lower body movement to create separation (the power component) while maintaining swing plane (the accuracy component)
  • controlling the tension that makes your swing jerky when you swing hard
In addition, there are little tricks like simple ways to check your swing plane and how to use your breathing to control tension during your swing.

I kept tweaking the book every time I tried to edit it, which is another reason it took so long. There are things that I'll probably expand on in future blog posts and probably in other books, but I wanted to make sure everything here was clear enough that you could do things properly with just this book to guide you.

The Kindle version went live Sunday night (some of you already found it!) and the PDF and EPUB versions are available for direct download from my site. The Nook version may be available later today -- although they've changed their publishing procedures and I'm not sure it didn't change the layout a little. (For those of you who want to avoid that possibility, just remember that the EPUB from my site runs on the Nook.) The paperback will hopefully be available late this week -- initially at Amazon, then at other online retailers over the next few weeks -- and the Smashwords versions, which include Apple and Kobo, also hopefully starting sometime next week. (Again, Apple and Kobo both use the EPUB format, so you can download that version direct if you want it sooner.)

Although you don't want to swing all-out all the time, there are times when you need to muscle the ball. HIT IT HARD will teach you how to do it -- and the techniques will improve your swing whether you swing hard or not.

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