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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hunting for a Baby

The big news on Saturday wasn't that Scottie Scheffler won the US Junior Amateur over Davis Riley. Neither was the continued low scoring at the Tour's Albertsons Boise Open, nor Bernhard Langer opening up a 3-shot lead at the Senior Open Championship at Royal Birkdale. (Although I was pretty impressed with the latter.)

No, it was Hunter Mahan's unexpected exit from the RBC Canadian Open. In case you didn't hear, Hunter's tee time was delayed by weather. He finally got out to the practice area and had hit maybe two balls when he got a phone call. His wife Kandi had just gone into labor three weeks early:

That's right -- the leader of the tournament simply left. And nobody had anything bad to say about it, either. (Brad Fritsch also had to WD because of a bad back, but hardly anybody noticed. You know what show business people say -- never work with kids or animals!)

Kandi and Hunter are expecting a little girl. (They were expecting her after the PGA Championship. Plans change!) The word is that they're planning to name her Zoe. Although I waited as late as I could and kept check on both Hunter's Twitter account and Google, it appears the child had no intention of arriving in time for me to announce her in this post.

You can check Hunter's Twitter account yourself at this link.

The original of the video above is on this page.

And you can read some of the original tweets about what happened in this article.

In the meantime, I guess we'll all just have to wait for the news... and for somebody else to win the Canadian Open.

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