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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A New Look at the Kobra

Back in February I did a post about Lydia Ko's swing using a photo sequence I found. There wasn't any video available at the time, let alone slo-mo video.

Guess what? That's changed. And now that Lydia is not just the youngest to win on the LPGA but the first AND youngest to win twice, I suspect we'll be seeing more. (NOTE: Those of you who are paying attention know this means that Lydia is also the first amateur to defend an LPGA title. But I'll go you one better: Did you know that Lydia has won 4 pro tournaments at a younger age than Lexi Thompson won her first? Now that's pretty impressive!)

Here are some videos that were taken back in July at the RICOH. First, here's a down-the-line shot:

And here's a face-on shot. Obviously they aren't the same swing!

These videos basically reinforce what I said in my earlier post, so I won't rewrite all of that here. (That's why I included a link to the original post back in the first paragraph. Slick, huh?) But there's something about seeing the actual swing in slo-mo that just... well, it's a thing of beauty, that's what it is.

Better get used to seeing it. The Kobra is starting to strike with more frequency, so we'll be seeing her strike the ball like this more frequently as well. We might as well learn from it!

1 comment:

  1. I saw her last year in Vancouver, a true outstanding talent, great demeanor on the golf course, proven winner already, definitely not a big hype.