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Thursday, August 15, 2013


Martin Hall had some good tips on playing trouble shots last night on School of Golf, but today I want to pass on a tip that wasn't on the show. It was a bonus on the GC website, and I've included it in this post.

This clip has two tips -- the second is how to hit a really high hook -- but the one I want you to see is the first one, on hitting a really low shot out of deep grass and under tree branches. Most of us need this one at some time or another.

The most shocking thing Martin says is that you DON'T want to use a straighter-faced club like a long iron or fairway wood. Instead, he's got Holly using a 7-iron. This shot is about extremes, because you've got to get as little grass between club and ball as possible while keeping the shot very low. Here are the key points:
  1. Choose a lofted iron like a 7-iron.
  2. Move the ball back in front of the toes of your trailing foot.
  3. Put your weight over your lead foot and keep it there throughout the swing.
  4. Put your hands in front of your lead thigh (i.e., really tilt the shaft forward).
  5. Take the club up sharply on the backswing.
  6. Chop down sharply on the downswing.
  7. Try to keep the club low to the ground for the finish.
That last one seems like it would be the difficult part. With the chopping motion and the tall grass, I would expect the club head to get caught in the grass. Still, it's pretty clear from Holly's demonstration that this is the way to go.

Hopefully this tip will save you some strokes. I know it'll save me some... I'd have pulled out the longer iron.

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