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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Quickie Preview of the Barclays

And why is it a quickie preview? Because the FedExCup Playoffs are getting so much coverage this week that there's not much I can add.

But I do have a couple of things.

For those of you who play fantasy golf, was nice enough to post a Field Study of the Barclays. Granted, it's not an in-depth thing -- only a sentence on each player -- but it gives you some pertinent info about that player that could help you make your picks. For example, the line on Jason Day (#14) says "Finished in the top 10 in three majors, including 3rd at Masters and T-2 at U.S. Open" while the one on Steve Stricker (#20) says, "Only scheduled to play Deutsche Bank and BMW as part of condensed 2013 schedule." Those tidbits of information might be all you need.

There's also a Fantasy Insider post by Rob Bolden for help.

diagram of hole #1

Likewise, you've no doubt heard about the changes that have been made to Liberty National after the players' complaints last time. Here's an article about the course, and you can click a link to each individual hole if you want to know the layout and specific changes that were made. The changes are notated on a diagram of the hole, and the typical strategy for playing the hole is explained beside it. (The diagram for Hole #1 appears above as an example.) It appears to be very well done, so if you're into the design side of things you might want to check it out.

And of course, here's the link to The Barclays live leaderboard.

That should get you up and running for the first playoff event. I'm picking Dustin Johnson to win -- a positive "bump" from his engagement announcement. And although I'm not picking him to win this week, I really like Jordan Spieth to take the whole thing this year.

Golf Channel begins broadcasting tomorrow at 3pm ET.

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