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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Selecting the Right Golf Shoes for You

I asked the folks over at Function18 if they'd do an article for me about selecting golf shoes, and they were kind enough to provide the following. Short of a shoe-by-shoe comparison, it hits all the main points and should help you know what questions to ask when you shop for new shoes. Where they gave prices I've added dollar equivalents for my American readers; exchange rates change daily but they should be close enough to give you an idea.

We all understand how important comfort is when playing on the green. The average golfer walks around 4-5 miles per hour, now think about how long your average game lasts – and that is a lot of walking!

Not only is comfortable and stable footwear important for walking, stable footing is extremely important to your performance. Professional golfers take their selection of footwear very seriously, and so should you! So here’s our top guide to choosing the perfect golf shoes for you;

When it comes to selecting stylish golf shoes, there are 3 main styles on the market – traditional, athletic with spikes, and athletic without spikes. Traditional golf shoes are made from leather, are very hard wearing and long lasting, yet lack flexibility and breathability. Athletic golf shoes, both with and without spikes, are lightweight and extremely flexible. Many of the top golf brands including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Footjoy and Oakley supply a wide range of athletic golf shoes, often worn in major tournaments by professionals.

No matter how great your golf shoes look, if they don’t fit correctly, you will not be a happy golfer! Your new golf shoes should give you space to wiggle your toes, feel secure yet give you room for your feet to breathe. Your golf shoes should be a little tighter than your day to day shoes, as you will need extra support from your whole body when swinging the club – and if your shoes are too loose this can also cause you to slide or loose stability when swinging the club.

We also suggest getting your feet measured before picking your new shoes – our top tip is to get your feet measured at the end of the day as this is when your feel will be a little swollen. Also many golfers wear extra thick socks for comfort when playing, so be sure to wear the same thickness of socks when trying on new golf shoes.

Golf shoes generally range in price from around £45 to £150 and above. [That’s roughly $70 to $225 American.] Depending on the amount of golf you play, we suggest weighing up a number of options before splashing out on a new pair of golf shoes. Just because a golf shoe is more expensive doesn’t mean it is the best shoe for you. For example Rory McIlroy is a big fan of Nike Footwear, in particular Nike Lunar Footwear, as are many pro and amateur golfers, which are available from around £89.99. [Roughly $150 American.]

It may be the height of summer, but you want your golf shoes to last you through all seasons! Be sure your new shoes have a waterproof element to them, as there is nothing worse that wet feet on the green. Many golfers recommend Footjoy, Oakley and Adidas branded golf shoes for sustainability in wet weather.

Spikes will give you more grip when playing and are a must on hilly courses. Some say spikeless shoes are more comfortable especially for a short game, but choose based on your swing, environment and how regularly you are playing.

Overall, your golf shoes should provide maximum comfort so you can thoroughly enjoy your game and perform to the best of your ability. To shop a wide range of golf shoes, clothing and accessories visit online golf store

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