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Monday, August 26, 2013

The Limerick Summary: 2013 The Barclays

Winner: Adam Scott

Around the wider world of golf: The Kobra becomes the first (and youngest) amateur to win twice on the LPGA with her successful defense at the CN Canadian Women's Open; John Riegger won the Boeing Classic on the Champions Tour; Bronson La'Cassie won the Cox Classic, the final event before the new 4-tournament playoff system starts; Hugo Leon won the Great Waterway Classic on the PGA Tour Canada; and Tommy Fleetwood won the Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles on the ET.

Scott nabs victory #2 this year

If The Barclays is any indication, this playoff series is going to be one hell of a race to the Cup.

Liberty National stepped up... and stepped on La Kucharacha, crushing his hopes of victory.

Gary Woodland discovered that the best-laid plans don't always hold up on Sunday, no matter how well you're playing.

Leader Kevin Chappell suddenly realized where he was when he hit the back 9 and promptly got lost. Given that he has yet to get his first PGA Tour win, this is nothing for him to fret about -- it's just another learning experience. But after that course record on Saturday, this one's gotta hurt.

And Tiger Woods -- who was also clearly hurting -- demonstrated what it means to be Tiger Woods. While fighting back spasms that literally brought him to his knees, he still managed to stage a late-round charge that almost got him to a playoff. (We still don't know if he'll play next week. Stay tuned.)

Numerous other players, like Justin Rose and Phil Mickelson, made final round charges that fell just short of success.

And there, in the midst of it all, Adam Scott casually shot a bogey-free round of 66 to post the early lead in the clubhouse. And I do mean early -- he was in the 8th group ahead of the leaders. Adam later said he didn't expect his score to hold up with so many others just a shot or two behind him.

But hold up is exactly what it did... and Adam Scott gets his second win of the season. He moves to #2 in the FedExCup rankings, a virtual lock to reach Atlanta in the Top 5. And, if he can manage to grab another win or the Cup -- or maybe both -- he just might snatch Player of the Year honors from Tiger.

But that's a story for future weeks. This week, the Limerick Summary salutes the hungry Aussie who gobbled up yet another trophy when no one was looking:
Though he won early on, no one knew it
Till the field proved they couldn’t undo it!
Adam’s 6-under run
Stole the thunder from some
With the lead early on… till they blew it.
The photo came from the tournament page at

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