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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The New Guy's Swing

I had planned to take a look at one of the Solheim Cup's winners today but couldn't find the footage I was looking for. As a result, we're gonna look at the new kid on the PGA block, Jordan Spieth.

This video comes from Golfweek. After an initial chip shot, we get face-on and down-the-line views of his swing in both full speed and slo-mo:

What I really want you to look at is the face-on view as he starts his downswing. Although he's hitting a driver, his stance is relatively narrow compared to many of the big players (Jordan's 6'1"). It's shoulder width but no more. Jordan has fairly quiet feet and legs during his swing, focusing on turning his hips rather than pushing them forward.

What does this do? It keeps Jordan steadier over the ball, so he makes better contact. That's probably why he seems to come up with the big shots when he needs them -- when you're steadier over the ball, it's more likely to give you a playable shot each time.

This swing has gotten Jordan from having no status at the beginning of the season to #8 in the FedExCup standings with a 2-year exemption on Tour... and I think it just may be enough to get him the FedExCup in four weeks. I really like his swing.

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