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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Limerick Summary: 2013 BMW Championship

Winner: Zach Johnson

Around the wider world of golf: Suzann Pettersen snagged her second major at the LPGA/LET's Evian Championship; Joost Luiten won the KLM Open on the ET; Seung-Yul Noh punched his ticket back to the Big Tour at the Tour's Nationwide Children's Hospital Championship; Max Gilbert won the TOUR Championship of Canada on the PGA Tour Canada; and Bo-Mee Lee won the Konica Minolta Cup, one of the JLPGA's majors. (The Constructivist has two posts on this one -- Saturday's wrap-up and Sunday's rainout/playoff wrap-up.)

Smiling Zach

You need only look at their back 9s:
  • Steve Stricker: +2
  • Jim Furyk: +1
  • Zach Johnson: -3
Kinda sums it all up, doesn't it?

Zach took a lot of heat for missing the first playoff event to be best man in his brother's wedding. (He joked Monday that it was necessary in order to get along with his new sister-in-law.) Critics said his brother should have set a different date... and that Zach should have fought for it. Some say that you shouldn't be allowed to continue in the playoffs after you skip an event.

Zach calmly ignored them all, took the BMW Championship by the throat, and moved to #4 in FedExCup points. In other words, if he wins the Tour Championship next week, he wins the Cup. Take THAT, critics!

You know what I like about this? Zach says he's just playing golf. He wasn't trying to get into the Tour Championship next week; he was just trying to play good golf. He wasn't trying to win the BMW Championship this week; he was just trying to play good golf. He wasn't trying to get into the Top5 of the points race; he was just trying to play good golf

I think he succeeded. And he told reporters he was pretty sure his game plan next week will NOT be to win the Tour Championship or the FedExCup; he'll just try to play good golf. He smiled as he said it.

I'd smile too!

Don't think this isn't important to him. He nearly broke down in tears talking about the people supporting him through all this. (Shades of Steve Stricker! Is that contagious?) But it's clear that he's playing guilt-free golf -- not letting his game define him or his worth, but just enjoying his chosen sport. (I suspect it's much easier to enjoy it when you're winning. He's been playing pretty well over the last few weeks.)

As they love saying in FedExCupLand, he holds his future is in his own hands. I'm not awarding him the Cup yet -- that's the infamous Ruthless Golf Jinx, you know -- but I'm not betting against him either.

But this week I am awarding Zach the Limerick Summary. Let's get one thing straight -- Zach Johnson may have been a bridesmaid at John Deere, but he's the best man at BMW:
Zach proved that he’s not a pushover;
He IS the best man. And moreover
This weekend’s top player
Showed all the naysayers
The honeymoon STILL isn’t over!
The photo's from the main tournament page over at

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