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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Limerick Summary: 2013 Tour Championship

Winner: Henrik Stenson

Around the wider world of golf: The American team retained the PGA Cup, although the GB&I team put on a blistering performance Sunday to end the matches in a tie; Andre Stolz won the South Pacific Open Championship on the Australasian Tour; Mark Wiebe got his second win of the season at the Champions Tour's Pacific Links Hawai'i Championship; Julien Quesne won the 70° Open D'Italia Lindt on the ET; Do-Yeon Kim won the Taiwan LPGA CTBC Open on the Ladies Asian Tour; Hannah Yun won the Volvik Championship on the Symetra Tour; and Sakura Yokomine won the Munsingwear Ladies Tokai Classic on the JLPGA. (Click the links on those last two for details from the Constructivist.)

Henrik with two beauties

It was one of those things that can only happen in America -- the Ice Man heating things up in Hotlanta. (For those of you outside the US, "Hotlanta" is one of those crazy nicknames we Americans give our cities -- in this case, Atlanta, Georgia.)

Granted, Henrik Stenson wasn't the only guy generating some heat in the final round of the Tour Championship... but he was certainly creating the most heat. He had been doing it all week.

Jordan Spieth worked up a good little blaze on his own. My pick to win the FedExCup didn't quite pull it off but he did manage to make things exciting and he finished in 7th place, easily the best finish ever by a rookie making it to the Tour Championship (and finishing T2 in the main event). He put an exclamation point on his Rookie of the Year campaign and will probably make it up near 20 in the OWGR.

The other T2-er, Steve Stricker, put on another big show as well, grabbing 3rd in the FedExCup race. Stricker's Savages will certainly be celebrating this one... and dreaming about next year's majors.

But it was Stenson who made the biggest statement of them all. The first Swede -- hell, the first non-American -- to win the Tour Championship and the FedExCup seemed quite comfortable with his position on top of the heap. His dominant play on both the PGA and Euro Tours over the last few months has just been mind-blowing in its consistency. If anybody can claim a right to this monster victory, it's Henrik.

So this week's Limerick Summary salutes the game's coolest player... and sends its condolences to the European Tour. After all, he's coming after YOUR money title now!
Calling Henrik “The Ice Man” sounds quaint…
But unnerved by the moment he ain’t.
He beat the whole field up
To win the FedEx Cup—
Now Dubai’s in line to get spanked!
The photo came from the Tour Championship homepage at

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