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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Limerick Summary: 2013 Tour Championship

Winner: Chesson Hadley

Around the wider world of golf: At the time of this writing, the Symetra Tour Championship hasn't finished so we won't know until later today who won and who got their LPGA Tour cards; Azahara Munoz won the Lacoste Ladies Open de France on the LET; Kirk Triplett defended at the Nature Valley First Tee Open on the Champions Tour (as well as winning the Pro-Jr Pro-Am with his partner Michelle Xie); David Howell won the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship on the ET, his first win in 7 years; and Na Ri Lee won the Miyagi TV Cup Dunlop Ladies on the JLPGA. (Although the Constructivist will have a post of his own sometime today, I got this info from a post on Bangkok Bobby's site.)

Chesson Hadley and caddie

We finally know who "The 50" will be -- those 50 lucky pros to gain their PGA Tour cards for 2014. (You can see that list right here at this link. It shows everybody from the #1 seed to the #128 seed.) John Peterson won the Finals money list and therefore shares the #1 ranking with Michael Putnam, winner of "The 25," the Tour's regular season card winners.

But just because you don't get the #1 seed doesn't mean you don't get a trophy. Chesson Hadley got the win this week, and all the bling that goes with it. (He also got the #3 seed, in case you're interested, and won a total of $229,433.33 for his trouble.) For all the drama we saw during Sunday's final round, Hadley wasn't really part of it. He pretty much waltzed through it all -- he was already the #3 seed from "The 25" and he led by several strokes most of the day, so nothing much really changed for him.

Except for getting that trophy. The trophy's a nice thing to have. If you missed any of the details about the final round, you can read a summary from the Tour's site here.

Of course, the debates will now begin over whether the Finals need to be tweaked. I think they do, and tomorrow I'll share my own plan for the new and improved PGA Tour Q-School replacement. (We all know how the Tour is waiting breathlessly to implement my suggestions, right?)

But for now I'll just offer up this week's Limerick Summary, along with a good luck wish to Chesson and his wife as they await their first child:
The first Finals didn’t go badly—
At least, if you ask Chesson Hadley!
They filled up his coffers
With all the win offered;
He took all the Tour swag quite gladly.
The photo came from the summary at the Tour's site.

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