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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Tour Comes to My Backyard

Since we don't have a PGA Tour event this week...

and since we don't have an LPGA Tour event this week...

I can spend the space talking about the Tour. Which is very convenient this week because the Chiquita Classic has been moved to the River Run Golf Club, just outside of Davidson NC. That's maybe an hour or so south of where I live, perhaps a half-hour north of Charlotte and a few minutes east of Lake Norman, if you're looking for it on a map. Here's a photo from the website. Looks nice, doesn't it?

River Run Golf Course

This is the second of the four new Playoff events, the first of which was won by Trevor Immelman last week. (Trevor will be playing this week, btw.) Patrick Cantlay, who was runner-up last week, will not play; he's still having back problems. He should have enough money to get his card, but I'll be surprised if he doesn't try to get out for either the third or fourth tournament in the series to make sure he locks it up.

You may want to bookmark the Finals Money List page (just click here to see it), which shows you how your favorite players are faring in their pursuit of their 2014 PGA Tour cards. Note that only 14 of the 25 players who already earned a Tour card show up on it (their finish positions from the regular season are at the far right of the table). The Top25 are playing for seeding right now -- except for Michael Putnam, who won a fully-exempt card by winning the Tour's regular season money list.

Because all 50 cards are now taken into account during the seeding, it's possible to win the #2 card during the regular season but end up #50 if you play poorly in the Playoffs. This definitely makes things interesting! The winner of the Finals Money List -- assuming it's not Michael Putnam again -- will also get a fully-exempt card. (I guess the #2 player will get it if Putnam should come out on top again.)

There WILL be another Q-School later this year but it will offer cards ONLY for the Tour. These four events are the new route to the PGA Tour. (Unless you're Jordan Spieth.)

That should get you up-to-speed on the event.

ONE LAST THING: GC's coverage begins at 3pm ET today. (They'll probably air a Golf Central PreGame at 2:30pm.)

BUT HERE'S A BONUS FOR READING THE WHOLE POST! (I'm feeling charitable today.) Since this IS the Chiquita Classic and many of you have seen the Chiquita commercial with the minions fighting over the banana and wondered, "Where did they get that?," here's the mini-movie that some of their footage came from -- which is pretty cool -- followed by the commercial. (Don't worry, I won't subject you to the "Minions Banana Song" the minions sing to the tune of the old Beach Boys song "Barbara Ann." That thing's 4 minutes long! It's a fate too horrible to contemplate...)

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