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Monday, September 16, 2013

Top 5 Golf Fashion Tips for Women in the Fall

So the Tour decided to postpone the Limerick Summary again. At least we get to watch golf today -- in case you missed it, GC will broadcast the entire final round starting at 10am ET. Also, in case you missed it, apparently Lydia Ko told one of the interviewers at Evian that she might not be an amateur next time we see her. (Maybe she's getting tired of the limited LPGA starts an amateur is allowed? It couldn't be the millions she can't accept...)

At any rate, that leaves room for one of those fashion posts I promised yesterday. Melinda Bailey over at 9&Dine, an American golf clothier (my other fashion posts have come from UK-based companies), has a neat fashion blog and offered to give me some fashion help as needed. A quick note about the links: The golfing jackets and cardigans are about halfway down the linked page.

The cold air and brisk winds on the golf course should never interfere with a woman’s ability to play.  Then again, neither should bulky overlays to protect from the cold.  As the weather continually drops in temperatures, women are finding it harder and harder to find comfort for agility to play on the greens.  To keep yourself warm and play at peak performance, here are some of the top items for fall weather.

Golfing jacketGolfing jackets: Dressing in layers is a great strategy for the ladies, and the wide selection of women’s golfing jackets now on the market make this an easy thing to do. Golfing jackets come with many different combinations of down and weather-proofing, and can be quickly shed if the temperature starts to rise.  Many offer light weight, heat absorbing fabrics to keep you both warm and comfortable throughout the day.

Golf hat 

Head gear: Wool and fleece headbands are a stylish golfing look during fall play, and provide that extra bit of ear and head protection cooler conditions usually call for. Rain resistant visors and more robust rainproof bucket hats also fit in on any course, allowing the game to keep going when conditions get wet. On a nicer day, a simple baseball style golf hat protects the skin from the sun, something golfers tend to overlook during the fall season.

Waterproof shoes: A pair of stylish leather golf shoes featuring waterproofing is a great choice for fall play. Today's waterproof golf shoes come in a wide range of colors and styles, and are guaranteed to keep your feet dry in wet grass, while providing eye catching fashion features.

CardiganCardigans: No longer the bulky, unattractive pieces for the holiday season, women’s golf cardigans are the new hot fall item of 2013. Modern cardigans are now lightweight, trim fitting, and offer the protection needed from whatever the fall weather may throw your way.

Golf gloves: Here is a great way to bring practicality and style together on the course. Golf gloves offer finger warming protection for those cold early morning tee times, and the wide range of colors now available help bring a little pizzazz to the somewhat somber color schemes of fall clothing.

Melinda Bailey's an avid golfer as well as the blog manager for 9 & Dine Women’s Golf Apparel. You can read her Women of Golf blog, or connect with her on Twitter through @9Dine.

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  1. Love this! We have to get 9 & Dine on the website ... pronto :)