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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Johnny Miller's 9-Ball Game

Today I have a video by Johnny Miller from He calls this a game rather than a drill, mainly because of the mindset.

In this range game you hit 9 balls -- and only 9 balls -- each with a different shot shape. Here's the video:

What I like about this game is that it's practice with a purpose. Instead of just stepping up and hitting balls at no target in particular, or hitting a number of balls with the same shot shape (which allows you to get into a groove), "9-Ball" requires you to think like you do on the course. There you have only one chance to hit the shot correctly.

Please note that this video is 5 minutes long because Johnny shows you his followthrough on each shot. If you try to swing to a certain finish position, it will affect your swing much earlier in the backswing... but it's much easier to hit the ball solidly this way. I know it sounds strange, but this mindset makes it easier to get the clubface in the proper position at impact.

Obviously you can play this game more than once during your trip to the range. The point Johnny is making is that you should hit ALL 9 balls -- each with a different shot shape -- before you start a "new game." Learn to hit each shot with purpose and under the pressure to hit them all properly

You might want to rearrange the order of shots from what Johnny suggests if you have more trouble with, say, the low shots instead of the high shots. Make the most difficult shot (for you, that is) your last shot. If you've hit 8 perfect shots, that last shot for the perfect score is going to be REALLY difficult. And as you start getting better under pressure, your confidence will improve just like Johnny says.

And make sure you keep score each time you play this game on the range. You should see improvement over time... and your scores on the course should improve as well.


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    Happy golfing :)