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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Kobra Strikes Gold (and Other News)

These are all items that are worth mentioning but NOT worth an entire post... at least not yet. I've included links with further info.


First, the LPGA accepted Lydia Ko's petition for membership. No big surprise there, although I was a bit surprised that Whan decided on the start of the year rather than her 17th birthday as he did with Lexi. But his reasoning made sense; here's the statement (at least, all of the statement that was published on
After reviewing Lydia Ko’s petition, I have granted her LPGA Tour membership beginning at the start of the 2014 season. This decision ensures that Lydia can attend all of our LPGA rookie development sessions that take place in the early part of the year.
As for her exact playing status for the 2014 season, Lydia will compete out of category 7 on the 2014 LPGA Priority List. Category 7 is reserved for players who have won an official LPGA event as a non-member in the previous calendar year. We are looking forward to having Lydia as a full-time member for the 2014 season. It is not often that the LPGA welcomes a rookie who is already a back-to-back LPGA Tour champion.
As I said, no big surprise. You can read the statement and response here (the photo came from this link) and you can find the transcript of Lydia's presser after the announcement here.

Next, there was the announcement that EA Sports and Tiger have ended their partnership, making Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2014 the last installment of the video game franchise. It appears that declining sales are a factor (although that was never said) but Daryl Holt of EA said that they intend to create some new games with the PGA Tour. You can read about that situation here.

Perhaps one of the more interesting developments -- one that may become more newsworthy as 2014 progresses -- is the R&A's decision to eliminate the 36-hole International Final Qualifier into the Open Championship. Instead, it will be replaced with an "Open Qualifying Series" that will parcel out roughly 44 spots to players who meet certain qualifications at 14 different events. You can read more of the details here, and that article includes a link to another article about the change.

Two other notes of interest to some of you... Colin Smith tweeted me about his Kickstarter campaign. For those of you who haven't heard of it before, Kickstarter is a new grassroots way for people to raise funds for projects they think people will be interested in. (In this case, you can pledge as little as $1 to help fund the project, and he's well on his way toward his $10,000 goal.) Colin has designed something he calls the Green Golf Buckle -- a belt buckle that keeps your divot tool and ball marker handy. It's even gaining some attention from the big boys -- Ben Crane tweeted Colin about it. You can visit his Kickstarter site here for more details.

Finally I got an email from Golf Galaxy that they're opening two new flagship stores this weekend in Chesterfield, MO and Henderson (Las Vegas), NV. The links have all the details about the events. Former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders will be at the Chesterfield store while Natalie Gulbis and NFL Hall of Famer Marcus Allen will be at the Henderson store. I mention these openings because the Golf Galaxy stores around here -- even the smaller ones -- have impressed me with how knowledgeable their clubfitters are.

I think that's everything. There truly isn't an off-season in golf anymore, is there?


  1. We played our last round of golf for this year on a beautiful Oct day here in Vancouver, off season game plan is to improve my putting, there is a lot buzz about Brandt Snedeker's pop stroke, is this the same pop stroke in your book ?


  3. Yes, Peter. Sneds doesn't anchor his wrist against his hip . He pops by using a short stroke with some wrist action. Ironically, if you were to film it and slow the film down, you'd see that the sequence and rhythm are very similar to the "gravity stroke" I recommended in the book -- it's just done faster. That's why his stroke is more dependable than most quick strokes.