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Saturday, November 30, 2013

All He Needs Is One More Good Round

It borders on the ridiculous. If Adam Scott can post just one more good round at the Royal Sydney Golf Course, he will have won the Australian Triple Crown and helped win the team portion of the World Cup of Golf in just 4 weeks.

Adam Scott

Add that to his wins at the Masters and the Barclays, and he's got a pretty decent year under his belt.

I know people are going to argue that these aren't "elite fields" he's playing against. I'll grant you that. But I would argue that winning like this against ANY field is impressive... and let's not forget that only one Australian has ever won the Triple Crown in the same year. (That man is Robert Allenby, way back in 2005.) These are the three majors in Australian golf -- their PGA, Masters, and Open -- so these aren't weak fields by any stretch of the imagination. It's a tough assignment.

And Adam isn't just squeaking by, either; he doubled his lead during the third round. Adam (-16) is now 4 strokes ahead of his closest pursuer, who just happens to be Rory McIlroy (-12), who seems to have finally found his game and is, in turn, 4 strokes ahead of the third-place players. And Adam's done it in windy conditions... plus his second round was the bad end of the draw, so he got cold wet windy conditions.

Adam finished -14 at the PGA, -14 at the Masters, -7 (3rd) at the World Cup -- largely because of a +5 score on one hole during the first round (he was -12 in the final 3 rounds!) -- and now he's -16 after 3 rounds this week. And he's doing it on courses that are recognized as some of the most difficult in the world, under the pressure of being on a "victory tour." (Remember, this is his first trip home since becoming the first Aussie champion at Augusta.)

If he pulls this off, I just may have to rank him above Tiger in next week's RGWR. Australian golf was hoping for some kind of a boost from Adam's play... and it looks like they got a full-blown rocket.

The photo came from Adam's profile at the Open website.

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