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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hitting the "Under Over" Shot

Another tip from over at the site. I've talked about hitting knockdown shots several times, but I found this cool video that not only demonstrates the technique but also includes tips for things like choosing the right club to keep the ball low. (In case you need to keep it under tree branches, for instance.)

Here's PGA teacher Jeff Johnson with the demonstration:

Here's the big key, folks: You aren't swinging out of your shoes trying to hit the ball hard. You're taking more club than normal -- at least one or two clubs, according to Jeff. You're keeping your weight forward, more on your lead leg -- that forces you to hit down on the ball. And you make a shorter backswing and finish, which makes you generate less backspin so the ball stays lower.

A knockdown shot often makes more sense than a full shot, even when you can make the full shot without trouble, simply because it's a more controlled shot. But knowing how to hit the knockdown is critical when you have to keep the ball low.

And don't forget -- you can also get an idea which club will give you the right trajectory by using this tip that came from GC's Charlie Rymer. It's so simple that I'm amazed more teachers don't teach it.

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