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Friday, November 29, 2013

How to Do... Everything!

Now that you're stuffed with turkey and all the assorted accoutrements of a huge Thanksgiving dinner, you need some exercise. It's time to go play some golf!

But maybe you've got a few questions about... well, any number of things that happen on a golf course. Then Golf Digest has just the thing for you. They've done a web-only article called How To Do Everything In Golf that you can find at this link. It's a massive 43-frame slideshow that covers all sorts of things:
  • etiquette questions like how to tend the flag or rake a bunker or use your phone on the course;
  • rules questions like how to take relief (that's the slide below; there's text beside it in the slide show);
  • playing questions like how to practice vs how to warm up, or how to practice in your backyard;
  • diverse questions like how to yell "fore," how to avoid losing balls and how to stretch;
and more besides.

How to take relief slide

And the text that accompanies each slide, while brief, is very informative.  You'll probably learn something you didn't know just by flipping through it. (For example, I didn't know that whole grain bread is a better energy source on the course than multigrain bread. That's on slide 30, "How to eat and drink during a round.")

It's a pretty impressive little guide that gives you quick guidance on a wide variety of things that can make your round more enjoyable. So, if you've got a little time, take a quick flip through it. You might pick up something really useful.

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