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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jason Day: Swing Sequence

Golf Digest did a swing sequence of Jason Day for their November issue -- ironic, given Jason's performance this past week! It seems appropriate to do a post about it now, don't you think?

The link above takes you to a summary page that gives you some general info on Jason, including some of the things he works on. If you click the "VIEW SLIDESHOW" box at the bottom, it takes you to a series of photos you can click through to see Jason at various points in his swing, from face-on and down-the-line, the latter both from behind and in front. I found a couple of photos I want to call to your attention.

This first photo shows the top of his backswing. Although Jason is considered a long hitter, I want you to notice how far short of parallel his swing is -- even with a driver as you see here.

Jason halfway through downswing

Likewise, in this next photo when he's halfway down to the ball, notice that he doesn't have 90° (or an even smaller angle) of wrist cock the way some players do. His wrists look slightly "uncocked," the way most weekend players do.

Jason halfway through downswing

My point is that you don't have to stress out trying to get every little thing you can out of your wrists. Jason is 6 feet tall, which gives him a slight advantage on us mere mortals, but he still hits it around 300 yards. Club head speed is created by your entire body, not just your wrists.

So don't tighten those wrists in an effort to cock them more. Focus on staying as relaxed as you can; you'll be able to move faster and create more club head speed that way. (At least that's Jason's approach. His teacher says Jason's workouts focus on "...core strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.")

The whole swing sequence is well-done. It's worth taking a look.

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