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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some Tips from Rickie Fowler

With Rickie Fowler posting a solo second behind Adam Scott's dominating performance at the Australian PGA Championship, this seemed a good time to get some help from Rickie. This article, titled 4 Keys to Go Low, appeared in the October issue of Golf Digest.

photo for Rickie's first tip

Because Rickie isn't overly caught up in mechanics -- but he doesn't work with an instructor, so you know that he's aware of what he's doing -- his tips are useful no matter what your swing looks like.

The article is divided into 4 sections, which I would label aim, setup, change of direction, and followthrough. Each of those 4 sections is divided into "body" and "mind," which should help you with that old problem of knowing what to think about in order to get the results you want. There are photos with each section, and there's a short video at the end where Rickie discusses alignment.

In addition, there are links to several other instructional articles that Rickie has done for the magazine.

All-in-all, an article with a large number of very helpful tips that doesn't take very long to read. It's worth checking out.

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