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Monday, November 25, 2013

The Limerick Summary: 2013 ISPS Handa World Cup of Golf

Winner: Jason Day (individual), Australia (team)

Around the wider world of golf: Shanshan Feng won the CME Group Titleholders, the final LPGA tournament of the year; Luke Donald defended at the Dunlop Phoenix on the Japan Tour; Morten Ørum Madsen won the South African Open on the ET; and Rikako Morita won the Daio Paper Elleair Ladies on the JLPGA (the Constructivist has details).

Scott and Day with team trophy

I wrote at length about Jason Day in yesterday's post, so today I'll limit myself to the overall tournament. In fact, since you can read a very in-depth article here, I'll limit myself to one particular aspect of it.

Overall, I think the most amazing thing about the World Cup wasn't Jason Day's win -- come on, he was waaaaay overdue -- nor even how badly the Australian team beat the US team. (I would hope the Australians had an advantage at Royal Melbourne. Such a tricky course almost demands familiarity to play it well in tough conditions.) Even the fact that Australia is the first host team to claim the Cup since 1996 wasn't that big a shock.

What truly amazed me was Adam Scott's solo third in the individual competition.

Scott has had an incredible run since returning to Australia for his "Masters victory tour," his first time home since becoming the first Australian to win the Masters. He'd already won the Australian PGA and the Talisker Masters back-to-back, and the hero worship had done nothing but grow stronger with each passing day. Everybody Down Under expected him to be Superman in the World Cup.

Instead, he shot an unexpected 4-over 75 the first day. There were 45 players who shot better; only 14 who shot as bad or worse. For all practical purposes, he had shot himself out of the tournament.

Or so it appeared. He followed that poor first round with two 3-under 68s and a final round 5-under 66 (only one other player shot as well that last day, and they were two shots ahead of the next best). Do you realize that he shot -11 in three days? Jason won with -10 over four days!

And Adam Scott shot his best scores during the most difficult conditions. There were no more than three scores better than his in any of those last three rounds. It was an absolutely amazing performance that, IMO, moves him ever closer to taking #1 from Tiger.

Nevertheless, Jason Day gets the Limerick Summary this week. Adam's had a couple already this year, and Jason did win the big prize. So bask in the glory, Jason -- you deserve it!
The swashbuckling duo Down Under
Caused Aussie fanatics to thunder!
They rooted for Adam
But Jason Day had ’em
All oohing and aahing in wonder.
The photo came from the World Cup home page.

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