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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tom Watson on Fairway Bunker Play

Hey, a brand new tip from Tom Watson! This piece at is part of the December 2013 issue, and it's on how to hit full shots from fairway bunkers.

I've included the photo (showing proper setup) from the article below, but Tom includes a short video that recaps all the info in the article as well as including a demonstration. (And yes, the photo says you should have more weight on your lead foot at setup. He suggests kicking in your trailing knee to make it easier to do.)

Watson photo

He also recommends using a hybrid rather than an iron because hybrids don't get stuck in the sand.

Tom made this tip so succinct that I can't even summarize it without rewriting the entire article! Just click on the link above and read the article. It's only 4 paragraphs with a 90-second video.

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