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Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Truly Bizarre Short Game Tip

This tip from PGA teacher John O'Leary III over at is one of the weirdest I've seen... but it might help some of you, so here it is.

No doubt you've seen Jim Furyk's double-overlap grip. He uses it on his full swing. If you're having trouble with your short shots, O'Leary is recommending a triple-overlap grip to eliminate scooping. (Note that this is for shots of 40 yards or less ONLY.)

Triple-overlap grip

The basic concept here is that with the hands overlapping this much, your trailing hand can't take over and flip the club in an effort to get the ball up.

I can see where this might help if you're having problems with your chips and pitches. It essentially teaches you the same thing that the old drill of swinging a weighted string did, except the much stiffer shaft allows you to see your hands leading the club head into the hitting area.

One key to making this work that isn't mentioned in the article is to make sure you're gripping the club firmly with the ring and pinky fingers of your lead hand. Otherwise you can lose your grip on the club, which won't help your short game at all!


  1. I used to use this until my wrists cocked too much

  2. That can be a real problem with this grip. The more your hands overlap, the more your wrists will cock -- and this is an extreme overlap!