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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Golf on Wednesday?

It's unusual to have so much golf televised on Wednesday -- and GC's TV schedules are confusing. Here's a quick rundown of what's on GC today:

Shanshan Feng

At 3pm ET we get the LET's Omega Dubai Ladies Masters. Bear in mind that, even though this is broadcast on Wednesday, it's a tape-delayed broadcast. This tournament does begin on Wednesday, but Dubai is about 9 hours ahead of the US East Coast. The biggest names in the field are Stacy Lewis and Shanshan Feng. Mel Reid, Laura Davies, Charley Hull, and Caroline Masson are some of the other names you may recognize, even if you're only a casual fan of the women's game.

Please note that on Thursday the Dubai tournament will move to 11:30am ET to make room for the World Challenge later that afternoon.

Although it's not listed on any of the GC website TV schedules, I understand that the press conferences for both Tiger and Rory from the Northwestern Mutual World Challenge are supposed to be televised at 5pm ET.

Also not listed on the main GC TV schedule (but listed on this GC schedule) is the live first round broadcast of the Hong Kong Open at midnight ET. Hong Kong is 13 hours ahead of the East Coast so that makes sense to me, especially since GC will also be carrying the Nedbank Golf Challenge (where Henrik Stenson is expected to play). Sun City, South Africa is only 7 hours ahead and the Nedbank will be carried in the Thursday morning broadcast spot (4am ET).

So bear in mind that the GC website has multiple TV listings and they don't even match each other, let alone what's been advertised during broadcasts. Be sure to check the channel itself to find out what's actually on if you're hoping to catch any of these shows.

The photo came from the Dubai Ladies Masters website.

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