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Friday, December 13, 2013

Hunter Mahan Talks Backswing

Hunter Mahan is Golf Digest's cover story for January 2014. Although the story is primarily about hitting your irons better (you can read that article at this link), he also did a short video about backswing basics. Here it is:

If you're paying attention, you'll notice that what Hunter is demonstrating is our old friend, the one-piece takeaway. He says that the first three feet of your backswing sets up the rest of your swing. He also says that what he's trying to feel is that he's turning his shoulders to take the club back. (As I have often written on this blog, most swing errors begin with the takeaway... and making a one-piece takeaway really means you're making a good shoulder coil.)

The article itself goes into much more detail about every aspect of your swing. Given that Hunter is considered one of the best ball strikers on Tour, you certainly won't waste your time if you read it carefully.

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