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Friday, December 27, 2013

Justin Rose and Brady Riggs Help You Hit Your 3-Wood

From the January issue of Golf Digest comes this video starring Justin Rose. This is his primary tip to help you Rip Your 3-Wood from the fairway:

Remember how I've said your first move down from the top of your backswing actually feels like you're going DOWN rather than TOWARD the target? That's basically what Justin is suggesting here. Just watch his practice move. He's planting both feet flat on the ground and "squatting" ever so slightly to keep himself steady over the ball.

And here's an additional 3-wood tip I discovered from instructor Brady Riggs: Last week he did an online Q&A at Golf Magazine's Top100 Teachers blog and someone asked him about hitting 3-woods:
I have a problem with consistency in hitting my three wood off the fairway. It is actually a 17 degree three wood or 4 wood. I hit my 3 hybrid very consistently (200 yard club)and typically use that club on long par 4's or par 5's. I can get a gentle draw with that club. I can get an extra 20+ yards when I hit the 3 wood well,but I usually push fade it right, so I have stayed away from it and just used the 3 hybrid. Any suggestions for getting more consistent with the fairway metal?
Riggs posted the following response:
This is a very difficult time of year to hit the 3-wood well from the ground. The fairways are very tight in the winter which makes the ball sit down more so than during the summer. As a result, it is very difficult to get the center of the space on the ball with the 3-wood. The only time I would recommend using the 3-wood during the winter is if the risk of playing the shot is worth the reward. In other words, if you can get the ball to the putting surface with the 3-wood and no other club then it is a good choice. If it is just for a second shot on a par five where you won't be reaching the green I would stick with the hybrid.
This is something we don't often think about when choosing a club. We don't always pay attention to the ground conditions under normal conditions -- especially from the fairway since we automatically consider that a "good lie" -- but normal seasonal conditions can make even a good lie less appropriate for some shots. That's something worth remembering.

Hopefully these two tips will help you hit better fairway shots, especially with your 3-wood.

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