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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Men's Golf Style for Dummies

I haven't done a fashion post in a while and when I saw this Golf Digest post called Golf Style for Dummies I just couldn't resist it. It's by Marty Hackel but the advice isn't quite as... daring as he often seems to gives. (Sometimes when he shows up on Morning Drive he reminds me of a salmon swimming upstream to mate -- "Hey, look at me!")

As an example, I offer this photo from the slideshow that shows the proper length for golf shorts... just to the top of the kneecaps.

Correct length for men's golf shorts

There are 29 slides giving advice on how things should fit and how to make yourself look slimmer if you're a bit on the large side. All-in-all, it's fairly conservative advice from Mr. Style. I suspect even the older guys like me will feel comfortable following it.

And I don't recall seeing a single picture in the bunch that showed a guy in blue shirt and salmon pants. Thank you for that, Marty.

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