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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Your Final Golf Tip of 2013: Straight-Arm Pitching

Since there's not much time left in 2013, it makes sense that my final tip should be short as well. This Golf Digest article describes a short game shot known as "straight arm pitching"... but the article also says it's becoming known as "Stricker style." It seems appropriate to end the year with a technique from the man who keeps the game so simple.

Several pros using the technique

In a single sentence, it's just a chip or pitch shot that relies on connection for its consistency. You keep your wrists relaxed and both upper arms touching your chest throughout the stroke. You're hitting the shot by turning your upper body rather than relying on the little muscles in your wrists and hands. By doing this, you "keep your hands in front of you" and keep a steady distance between you and the ball... hence, you make more consistent contact.

Take a few moments to read the article. It's not something that's going to take a lot of practice to learn and, while it's not the answer to every chipping and pitching situation -- it won't help you out of deep rough, for instance -- it's certainly useful in most of the common situations you're likely to find yourself in.

And one last thought: If you're going out to celebrate the New Year tonight, leave your clubs at home. It's dangerous to drink and drive... or chip or putt, for that matter. ;-) Happy New Year!

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