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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Putting Tip from Paul Azinger

This is a short post but it could end up being very helpful for a lot of you.

Paul Azinger is doing a series of Golf Channel Academy shows, and last night he covered his putting techniques. One tip stood out to me.

Paul Azinger

Azinger said he always imagines that the cup extends ABOVE the green. When he practiced during his career, he would putt toward a second ball and try to hit it. Then he started using a bottle of water or a styrofoam cup with enough water to keep it steady... and he would try to hit the bottle / cup. When he actually putted, he imagined the bottle sticking out of the hole -- or, depending on how far away he was, he would imagine a bait bucket or even a 55-gallon steel drum.

The reason? He says he found that he could hit the bottle very easily because it's easier to hit a raised object than to try and drop the ball in a hole... and when he imagined the bottle sticking out of the hole, it became much easier to visualize where to hit the ball. He said it also smoothed out his stroke because it was easier to "hit the bottle."

I really like the idea. After watching him demonstrate the idea repeatedly during the show, it also seems to be a good way to learn proper speed for various distances. It just might be worth a try.

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