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Friday, January 24, 2014

Apparently Lydia Ko Knows Something Rory Doesn't

At the beginning of 2013 Rory McIlroy went through a lot of changes -- new equipment, new management, etc. He had a miserable 2013.

At the beginning of 2014 Lydia Ko went through a lot of changes -- new equipment, new instructor, new home, etc... and the changes keep on coming. Many people fear that she'll experience the same letdown.

They needn't worry.

Lydia Ko at the Pure Silk Bahamas

For her first regular season round as a full-fledged LPGA rookie, the 16-year-old calmly shot -5 (that's a 68 on the par-73 Ocean Club Golf Course) to tie the lead of Meena Lee, one shot better than Stacy Lewis. She made 6 birdies against 1 bogey... but wasn't quite satisfied. According to the LPGA's first round recap:
“I thought I was playing much better than my scores,” Ko said. “3‑under was a great score during the middle of my round, but I thought I was playing even better.  I gave myself opportunities and I hit my putts on the line that I wanted to hit them, and sometimes it would just dive off to the left or right.  So I had a couple close ones, but like I said, the grain can definitely affect the ball.”
During the GC broadcast Lydia was asked about all the questions concerning her decision to change teachers. She said she was really surprised by the uproar, that this kind of thing happens all the time on Tour. Despite all the massive changes that are happening in her life, she seems singularly unaffected by them. New instructor David Leadbetter says she needs a hobby to get her mind off golf; she just sighs and says she'll think about it.

She truly doesn't seem to understand what all the fuss is about!

In a particularly humorous moment, GC showed the moments before her after-round interview. Her mom was flitting around her, straightening her collar so she'd look right... and Lydia had one of those "Really, Mom? You're embarrassing me" looks on her face. Priceless!

She was paired with Stacy Lewis, who said:
“I think she's really good.  Gosh, when she gets some confidence and really figures that out, watch out for the rest of the Tour.  I mean, it's nice to see [her modesty], but at the same time you want to see her kind of really believe in herself and believe that she is one of the best players in the world.”
Lydia's unlike Rory in a lot of ways. We'll have to see how she does as her rookie season moves on, and what kind of staying power she has. But one thing is becoming clear...

Perhaps the young guys like Rory should be asking Lydia for advice.

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