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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Louis Oosthuizen's Swing Sequence

Louis OosthuizenSince Louis Oosthuizen is generally regarded as having one of the best swings in golf -- he's only 5'10" tall but averages nearly 300 yards off the tee (when his back feels ok) -- Golf Digest posted a new swing sequence / slide show of his swing over on their website. And they got world famous instructor Pete Cowen to analyze it for them.

Why should you care about King Louis's swing? Because he's great at one of the fundamentals I frequently write about on this site. To quote the article:
Cowen says Oosthuizen is one of the best at maintaining the connection between the body—what Cowen calls "the engine"—and the arms and club—"the steering."
The concept of connection was probably Ben Hogan's greatest contribution to golf instruction... and it's one of the things most teachers agree on.

So by all means, pop over to the Golf Digest website and check out the article and slide show... and get your swing off to a solid start this new year!

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