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Friday, January 3, 2014

Michelle Wie Swings It Lefty Too

At some point most golfers try hitting a golf ball "from the other side" -- regardless of which side that may be. Ben Crane did it on GC's Morning Drive last year, for example, and Mac O'Grady (a former PGA Tour player who now teaches) is right-handed but can play as a scratch golfer left-handed.

Michelle Wie

On Thursday Michelle Wie sent out a little video on Instagram showing her own left-handed swing. You can see it at this link. The note with it says, "Getting lefty swing tips from @hallyleadbetter today. How does it look? #bears" (In case you're curious, Hally is David Leadbetter's daughter.) It's not a bad looking swing at all, and trying it may even help her loosen up a little in her regular game.

I'm looking for Michelle to have a pretty good year in 2014. I'm not ready to predict a major yet, but I like the way she was improving last year. I'm anxious to see how her game looks when the LPGA kicks off their season later this month.

I'm pretty sure she won't be playing lefty though.

The photo came from this page at the Omega Watches site.

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