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Friday, January 17, 2014

Sean Foley on the Short Game

Hey, a new video over on the Golf Digest site! This one is a quickie short game tip from Sean Foley. It applies to both chipping and pitching.

The concept is simple enough, isn't it? You're lightly connecting your upper arms against your upper body, then doing most of the work with your upper body. The reason for minimizing the lower body action is to make it easier to keep the bottom of your swing more consistent. (Note that Sean says to put about 60% of your weight on your lead foot -- in other words, your weight is just slightly more on the target side of your body.)

A key point to remember: You aren't locking your knees and legs. Your knees still flex and your lower body can still move... but they move in response to the movement of your upper body. You aren't driving your legs when you play short game shots. In the video you can see Sean's hips turning as he demonstrates the shot; he's just not driving them toward the target.

This isn't something novel that Sean's teaching. (Most good teaching isn't novel -- at least, not in terms of technique. Fundamentals are fundamentals, folks!) This is standard short game technique, the same technique taught by everybody from Dave Pelz to Stan Utley. (And me!) But this video lets you actually SEE how the move looks. Simple, eh?

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