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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Limerick Summary: 2014 Farmers Insurance Open

Winner: Scott Stallings

Around the wider world of golf: Joanna Klatten won the Bing Lee Fujitsu General Women's NSW Open on the ALPG; Sergio Garcia won the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters on the ET; Yani Tseng(!) won the Taiwan LPGA Taifong Open on the LAGT; and Jessica Korda won the Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA Classic on the LPGA.

Yes, Scott, you won a bonsai tree!

To paraphrase one of those Farmers Insurance commercials, "What if you didn't know that some unexpected player could come from several strokes back and spank the big boys?"

A quick look at the leaderboard from Saturday and after the final round shows that, if you were a leader on Saturday, you struggled to finish the Farmers Insurance Open in the Top10. Perhaps this will be some consolation to Phil and Tiger, both of whom got beaten up in different ways by Torrey Pines this week. Now they know everybody got smacked around.

"The more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead..." or so says J.K. Simmons, who portrays the agent in those commercials. According to's final round wrap-up, Scott Stallings DID know more. He had blown a 5-shot lead at the 2013 Humana Challenge when he didn't take everything into account on the final hole. To quote the wrap-up, "He didn't make the same mistake twice."

They were talking about the 18th hole, but there was another mistake he didn't make that everybody else did. He parred the pivotal 17th hole, giving himself a realistic chance to win at 18... which he did, in case you didn't hear. ;-)

So Scott Stallings gets his third Tour win in his 20s, an insane amount of money, a metal bonsai tree, another trip to Augusta, and yet another of my precious Limerick Summaries.(Clearly his desire for the latter was the driving force behind his victory.) BTW, desultory means "lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm":
After four days in golf purgaTorrey,
Scott Stallings became the big story.
He burst from the pack
When the rest went off-track
And hit shots that were quite desultory.
The photo came from the front page of

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