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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Will Shakespeare's New Book Is Out!

This is the first of two posts today -- the second is the regular golf post. But I wanted to let everybody know that my alter ego Will Shakespeare's new book is out.

299 pdf banner src=It's called The Exercist: A Not-So-Divine Comedy about Health & Fitness in Devilishly Clever Verse and it's a parody of Dante Alighieri's classic, The Divine Comedy.

Here's the plot: When an overweight guy's family forces him to get help dealing with his demon pal Sloth, he goes to see an Exercist. (That's a specialist who gets rid of demons by working 'em hard at the gym.) But neither the Exercist nor the demon is very cooperative and our guy is caught in the middle... until he comes up with his own plan for dealing with BOTH problems.

It seemed to be a perfect match for all those readers with broken New Year's resolutions!

It's only available in electronic editions because it's the size of a short story, not a novel. (Amazon figures it at around 36 pages, which sounds about right to me.) You can get it on Kindle and Nook, and at Smashwords (which distributes the book to Apple and Kobo, among others). You can also get a special PDF version from the book page at Will's blog.

If you're in the mood for something fun to read, you might enjoy it.

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