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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to Lay Up from the Tee

This sounds like a "yeah, yeah, right" kind of tip, doesn't it? Anybody can lay up, right? Then why do the pros screw up the easy shots so often?

Here's a video clip from Golf Magazine and Top100 Teacher Mitchell Spearman on how to use a hybrid or long iron from the tee instead of a driver when you absolutely positively must hit the fairway. (Use the link if the video isn't embedded properly here.)

Only three simple points to remember:
  • Tee it back in your stance just a bit.
  • Tee it low. These first two steps help you get the slight downward strike you need to make solid contact.
  • Make an "committed" swing. (That is, don't back off and try to swing easy, and don't swing harder than normal either. Choose a club that allows you to swing normally and get the layup you want.)
Simple enough, eh? But it's always the simple things that trip us up. Following these three steps should help you make a confident swing that puts the ball in the short grass so you can attack the green.

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