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Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'm Very Disappointed in the LET

A couple of days back I did a post about the live coverage of the Volvik RACV Ladies Masters this weekend. I was ready to see it, since we rarely get to see the LET over here in the States.

So Friday night I went to YouTube. There it was -- the player showing the event's logo and the words "LIVE NOW" right beside it. I clicked on the player...

And got the message "The uploader has not made this video available in your country. Sorry about that."

YouTube message


Now, I don't know if the uploader is the LET or the people handling the cameras or some division of YouTube. To be honest, I don't care. But if you're going to advertise a broadcast -- as the LET did -- and not make it clear that certain areas won't be carrying it -- which the LET didn't -- shouldn't you make sure it's going to be available to everybody?

This is the kind of thing that turns off potential fans of a sport. It's a problem the LET could have headed off. Instead, it gives the impression that they just don't care whether fans can see them or not.

That's not good marketing. That's not good PR. And it certainly isn't the way to build your fanbase. I'm very disappointed.


  1. Especially with heyenne Woods in the lead!

  2. I got the same result here too in N.Z very disappointed. I even tried hiding my proxy server without luck. Did they restrict this to Australia only? if so why when it was live there on ABC1 free to air anyway. The point is it's not on pay TV anywhere so why the block? Glad the GC has the Open next week covered and we get that coverage here via Sky Sports (pay TV)

  3. Me too. At least the LPGA is trying to increase the number of broadcasts.

  4. The later post the LET put out listed what markets are geo-blocked because they have broadcast rights holders in them, and they list The Golf Channel for North America. Just because someone holds the rights doesn't mean live coverage, which J-Golf in Korea is doing and TGC is not. If Cheyenne pulls this off expect to see an edited version of the final round on TGC sometime during the week.

  5. I never saw the later post, IceCat. At any rate, whoever made the decision, I think it was a bad one for women's golf. If it was GC, they missed a great chance here. It's not as fun to watch when you already know who the winner is.

  6. I am reliably told the TGC will air the 3rd and 4th rounds Tuesday and Wednesday at 11amEST.