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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jason Day's 4 Keys to Power

Golf Digest has a great article on Jason Day's swing keys. Jason says he tries to keep things simple. Check out this quote from the article:
"Swinging harder is not the best way to drive it farther. Instead, focus on the fundamentals, such as grip, setup and making solid contact, and you'll be in a much better position to crank the ball."
This is a really good article from September last year that Golf Digest is featuring since Jason won just last week.

Jason Day in action

BTW, here are a few interesting facts from the article. Bear in mind that Jason is 6' tall and that these facts are about 6 months old. Still, they're pretty impressive!
  • Day keeps his tee shots in the air longer than any other tour player—a whopping 6.7 seconds.
  • Day's clubhead is moving more than 120 miles per hour when he blasts a tee shot.
  • No one on tour hits it higher than Day. The average apex of his tee shots is nearly 132 feet.
  • Day's average drive goes 295 yards—on the fly! He ranks 11th in driving distance on tour.
Given how much attention guys like Bubba and DJ get for their hang time, swing speed, etc., I think those are interesting facts.

And one other thing: Please note that the photo in the Getting Things Going section of the article very clearly shows Jason making a one-piece takeaway and that's what he describes. If you don't start your swing well, you're going to be making corrections the rest of the way through. So why not do it right from the very start? ;-)

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