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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nancy Lopez on Rhythm and Impact

I've been searching GC's video archives for days, searching for clips from Paul Azinger's pitching show. Alas, it seems that GC is deliberately avoiding that show! But I was pleased to find the tips Nancy Lopez gave when she appeared on Morning Drive last week. Here it is, nearly 9 minutes of instruction from one of the greatest ever to play the game. (If you can't see the video, there's a link to the original at the end of the post.)

A few interesting points she mentions:
  • She actually slowed her rhythm down as a youngster because, although she already had a slow backswing, she saw Donna Caponi and her swing was even slower... and Nancy says, "I liked what I saw."
  • The only thing she ever really thought about during her swing was returning the club face square at impact.
  • Her key for doing that was "hitting through" the ball -- that is, she tried to keep the club face square for several inches after contact.
  • And she knew whether she hit it square or not by paying attention to the ball flight. She focused on swinging down the line toward her target.
She also talks a lot about the importance of grip and making sure your swing feels natural. She talks some about putting. And there's a comparison between her and Inbee Park's swings which is very informative. And there's even more!

It's not often that Nancy Lopez gets a chance to share how she played in such detail. There's a lot of useful info in this clip so I hope you spend some time studying it.

In case the video didn't embed properly, you can also watch it at this link.

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